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This book scratches away at the phenomenon known as anti-Semitism and takes an intelligent and balanced approach to arrive at the real heart of the matter.


  • The British government?
  • The Palestinians?
  • The United Nations?
  • The Media?
  • The activists?
  • The academics?
  • The boycotters?
  • Some Jews?
  • The Jihadists?
  • The Christians?
  • The Neo-Nazis?
  • The Conspiracy buffs

Jacob handed over to me last week a new book by our old friend Steve Maltz.  It’s written in Steve’s inimitable style and is very readable.  The title is “Zionion.”  Essentially, its purpose is to expose the layers of hatred, as if peeling an onion, and to shed light on the variety of aspects, scenarios and environments into which these layers have infiltrated.  Each chapter can be read in about 10 minutes maximum, and the titles of these chapters are mainly ‘What’s with … the British Government?  The Palestinians?  The United Nations?  The Academics?  The boycotters?  Etcetera, etcetera and etcetera!’ I think I can predict that it will be on sale shortly through the CFI website as well as at Christian booksellers for the price of £5.  I recommend it." (Fiona, CFI Intercessor prayer update)

This is a small book on a big theme: anti-Semitism in all its various forms. Its quirky title (pronounced ‘Zi-onion’) should not detract from the seriousness of its subject matter, nor should its size belittle the importance of its topic, which has been described as ‘the longest hatred’. As Maltz explains, he wrote this book “to expose the layers of hatred, as if peeling an onion, to shed light on the variety of aspects, scenarios and environments that this hatred has infiltrated” (p7). So, now we know the reason for the title - the unusual conflation of Zion and onion - but what about the peeling process? How does Maltz go about exposing these layers? The answer lies in 16 short chapters, each of which outlines one particular area in which anti-Semitism is apparent, and which collectively build up the case that here we have something of major significance - something that is worldwide and endemic - an engineered hatred powered by generations of conditioning. ... Overall this slim volume is excellent value and easy to read. It could also be passed on to others whose views need challenging or whose understanding needs stretching. Maltz is an expert in providing assistance in both cases.(Paul Luckraft, Prophecy Today)

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