By Steve Maltz

ISBN 978-0-9562296-7-0

Water is the most incredible chemical known to man, but it’s an unsung hero, content in performing its wide range of functions without fuss and bother, Until now, that is.


This small book takes you on a fascinating journey into the world of water. From a brief analysis of its structure and unique properties, we look at its function in our bodies and then wonder how it gets to us, through natural means and human ingenuity. We also see its significance in world religions but also see its darker side. But connecting everything is the unprecedented role of water, the Stuff of Life, without which, life on Earth would be utterly impossible for so many reasons.


This small book is part of the “Life series”. Look out for other titles including Blood, Bread, Fire, Air and Earth.


Steve Maltz is the author of 14 books, covering history, theology, science, philosophy and popular culture. He lives in East London and is married to Monica, with three sons, a grandson and two pesky cats.

CONTENT RATING: 1 fish (minimum Christian content)

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