The Truth is Out There

Is history just a random sequence of events, or are there secret manipulations? What makes us tick? How did the World as we see it come to be? An absence of Christian jargon makes this an attractive gift to someone currently indifferent or hostile to the Christian message.


The Truth is Out There -  The ultimate world conspiracy  .. who really is pulling the strings?

by Steve Maltz

ISBN 9781860245732  96 pages

Is history just a random sequence of events, or are there secret manipulations? What makes us tick? How did the World as we see it come to be? In this short book we will be delving below the surface of our existence on this planet, glimpsing at the possibilities beyond the daily routines of just getting on with life.

Purposely ambiguous in its cover design and blurb, it is a book that can be given to any seeker, to point them to God. There is an absence of 'Christianese' in the text, making this an attractive gift to someone currently indifferent or hostile to the Christian message.


I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is well written and very readable"
David Pawson, teacher and writer

I've been reading your book ... it is excellent - very inspired ... I am very excited about it"
Julia Fisher, broadcaster and writer

Steve Maltz has written with a breadth of understanding that is astonishing and in a style that is immensely readable. The book is ideal for honest seekers for truth.
Chris Hill, teacher and broadcaster

t's life as we know it - but perhaps not as we've thought about it. Cosmic accident or intelligent purpose? Why are we all here - and how have we survived against the odds? Steve Maltz has a brilliant way of presenting the facts and leaving us to argue with ourselves. Go on paint yourself into a corner - and enjoy!"
David Andrew, editor of PT magazine

He has a way of drawing the reader in without them necessarily realising where he is taking them, and then comes the knockout blow. He makes a good case using examples such as the delicate balance of relationship between the Sun, Moon and Earth . The book is littered with scientific facts, which will appeal to men and you could easily give this to someone without unnerving them. 'Have a read of this and tell me what you think' would be a good line. Not a bad evangelistic investment this
Clem Jackson, editor of Christian Marketplace magazine

Be prepared to have your mind blown apart, turned upside down, scrambled and then put back together by this challenging read. It's all about conspiracy theories, evolution and twists of the media - ultimately, it's about proving the theory of the world's greatest creator;God. Providing key theories and answers, Steve does a mind-bending job ... take the challenge and scramble your mind! Joy Magazine

I have read your book and really enjoyed it. It was a real thought provoker and just about right for a general readership. Having worked as a science graduate for 25 years I would have loved more - it is all intriguing.

Derek White, Founder Christian Friends of Israel

Steve Maltz has a rare gift of being able to communicate complex ideas in a way that leaves you thinking that you have read the work of a genius but can still follow his argument clearly. The Truth Is Out there is a slim volume but it is packed with wisdom that is ideal for anyone who wants to have rational and theologically sound answers to some of the clever contemporary questions. This title is something of a "Tardis" in that you come away thinking that you have discovered far more than a book of this size should be able to give. At 93 pages there is not the space to have in-depth answers, but the reader gets a satisfying sense of being given a good overview of Biblical responses on many of the fallible contemporary urban myths and conspiracy legends of 21st century life. A brilliant read for an evangelist to engage with a sceptic or to give as a gift for "food for thought"
Tim Leffler, The

I read the book at one sitting and my thoughts kept wandering off at the tangents Steve offered me. Not every book I have read has done this ... Steve wants us to stop and ponder aspects of life that we should have given much more attention to than we actually have. He wanders through science, history, anatomy and art to get us to look at the wonders before us and to ask the questions that we - in our sophistication - might think are reserved for young children ... This 'light' book got me reflecting and triggered again something of the wonder of God's creation. But I am a Christian and this book was not written for me - it was written for the unbeliever to get him to ask questions that he might never had asked before. But if I get awe-struck at the God of the universe than, perhaps, the God I present will be a God who is worthy of awe from open-mouthed unbelievers who never knew that such a God existed! Would I be happy to give this book to an unbeliever? Yes. Will it bring him to faith in Christ? I think not, because it is not designed for that. We live in a society where we cannot presume that the word "God" means the same to an unbeliever as it does to the Christian. We have to take one step back from such a presumption and get the unbeliever to first of all entertain the thought that there might actually be a personal God 'out there'. This book could well do that for some people and may the LORD be pleased to use it that way.

John MacLaughlan, Sword Magazine - Prophecy Today

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