The Sinner's Charter


Are the Ten Commandments still for today?

In a World gone mad and with a Church far from unified, how exactly should we be living our lives? God provided the framework many centuries ago at Mount Sinai. We call these basic instructions the Ten Commandments but what of now? Are they still relevant to humanity? Are they even relevant to Christians in the light of Jesus’s teachings?

In this fast moving, entertaining and challenging book we are taken on a journey from Moses to modern times. We look at the original context of the Ten Commandments and follow their transition to an entity, coined The Sinner’s Charter, a very different animal!

We now live in a culture riddled with relativism, where truths and Truth are always to be doubted and selectively chosen to fit whatever narrative we are comfortable with. Consequently, our set of ten laws are moulded to fit circumstances as slaves rather than masters.

"Mightily impressed by your latest offering … it’s a fantastic book. Very well done." Chris Hill (Bible teacher, speaker, author)
"Congratulations on an outstanding new book, it’s brilliant and very inspiring” Paul Luckraft (Bible teacher).

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