The (other) F Word


by Steve Maltz

ISBN: 978 0 9562296 3 2     Publisher: Saffron Planet. 128pp


STEVE MALTZ is a writer, tour guide, web consultant and is the founder of Saffron Planet, the award-winning Christian web radio initiative and Saltshakers, the web community. He is married with three sons and two freeloading cats and lives in East London.

A presentation of the Gospel for the modern world. It is direct, uncompromising, engaging and is written to be relevant to the everyday person. Dare you go where modern man fears to tread? You'll either be inspired or provoked, either way it should be an interesting experience.

The Market:
This is the book that can be given to anyone, even hardened atheists, who will be challenged in unexpected ways. It is a small inexpensive book, but it is comprehensive in its treatment and it packs a real punch.

"This is not a book for you. It's a book for you to give away to others. It's written to connect with people who have imbibed, consciously or not, the popular culture. It aims to get under the skin - and does so, directly, naturally and effectively ... Written in a quick, conversational style, it is easy to read yet wonderfully straightforward. It oozes biblical faithfulness and confidence expressed with a refreshingly jargon-free choice of terms ... It's written by a man who knows the culture into which he speaks. It's written for people who don't know that their culture is not neutral, but who would be willing to be challenged to think about it". Evangelicals Now, July 2012

"This is a clear and straightforward evangelistic book, written with real style and panache, and a genuine sense of humour. But at the same time it is serious and God-honouring. I genuinely think that not since C S Lewis have we had a Christian author who has addressed his current generation in such a culture-attuned way. In much the same way that Lewis brought to bear cogent arguments to an intelligent 1950s/60s readership, so too Maltz anticipates and explores the key questions posed by a post-Christian, post-modern mind set. Any genuine searcher would benefit from this book – and non-searchers might just be spurred to begin a search after engaging with Maltz. Also, this book, whilst not being targeted in a gender specific way, is certainly one that any Christian man could comfortably give to a non-Christian male. There is nothing in this that should cause embarrassment. Its not tub-thumping, just good plain Christian apologetic in a modern idiom." Peter Sammons, Publisher and writer

"In a very readable way, the book addresses the secular thinking that denies the existence of God with the reminder that we are all born with an ingrown Longing the only relief from which is the F word, Faith. This is a slim book that doesn’t take long to read, but what it has to say is of value to believer and unbeliever alike. Steve Maltz has a style of writing that keeps you reading and his hope is obviously that this book will get into the hands of those who need it desperately but do not necessarily know that they do. Many aspects of our faith are explained quite simply and difficult issues like un-Christian behaviour by professing Christians, which do such a disservice to Our Lord, are acknowledged with sorrow. One of the most honest and open defence and explanation of our faith that I have read. Highly recommended." Mary Bartholomew, The Good Bookstall

"an excellent explanation of what it means to be a Christian and, therefore, a good Christmas gift for those who are hovering on the edge of belief. Steve adopts a chatty, colloquial tone; the book, and the chapters within it, are short and to the point. I would recommend it to anyone." Mel Menzies, author


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