The Easter Telling (Booklet)

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The Easter Telling

The Last Supper, traditionally commemorated on Maundy Thursday, is a vital part of the Easter story. It introduces us to Holy Communion, the memorial instigated by Jesus to remind us of his identity and purpose. The context of this event was the seder service of the Jewish Passover, which Jesus had come to the house in Jerusalem to celebrate with his disciples.


In this small booklet you have all that you need to re-create this service, primarily following the script indicated in the Gospel accounts, but always in the context of the events of the Exodus, the backdrop of the Passover celebration. You are shown how to set up the table and prepare the elements and how to follow the narrative either as a small family setting around a dining table, or in a church hall with groups of tables. You will find that you will be both blessed and entertained as you re-live these momentous events.


This small book is part of the “Telling series”. Look out for other titles including Christmas, Pentecost and Harvest.



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