The Bishop's New Clothes



by Steve Maltz

ISBN: 978 0 9562296 6 3     Publisher: Saffron Planet. 240pp


STEVE MALTZ is a writer, tour guide, web consultant and is the founder of the Foundations conferences, Saffron Planet, the award-winning Christian web radio initiative and Saltshakers, the web community. He is married with three sons, a grandson and two intriguing cats and lives in East London.

Is the Church as it should be or has it sold out to the World? Is the Body of Christ doing all it could as God’s ambassadors or is there room for not so much an improvement as a complete overhaul? This book pulls no punches, but it does so engagingly, with wit and warmth. If you think all is well in the Church in the west, be prepared for a major shock. In twenty short chapters we will consider: Christians and their conduct - how we process information - how we decide on what is true - the purpose of ministries – death - the Church’s identity - you and me - those who would seek to profit from the gospel - the Third Commandment - the rise of reason and the decline of faith - modern prophets and apostles - the Kingdom of Heaven - the Cross of Jesus - the foundational chapters of the Bible - Israel and the Jewish people - apologetics and the New Atheists – possibilities - how God speaks to us today - prayer - love.But it’s not all bad, there is a way out. A journey beckons, back to earlier times …

The challenge:
Written in an accessible, engaging style, with a provocative title and an eye-catching cover, this is a book that will be noticed. It is hard-hitting and is exactly what the Church needs to read at this point of its history. The author throws out a challenge that, every reader will be convicted in a deep sense by at least three of the twenty chapters, or he will eat his hat (although he doesn’t currently own one).


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