Is today’s Church what God originally intended it to be?

ISBN: 9780993191091

The book looks at three ways we achieve 'completeness', through becoming believers in Jesus, through finding our function within the Body of Messiah and through participating in ONE NEW MAN. The bulk of the book is to examine how Christians can feed from the rejected Hebraic roots and how, in this generation, a true ONE NEW MAN - with Jews and Gentiles understanding their role - can be achieved and how it can bring renewal to the Church.

"It is a great book and deserves a very wide readership and I think it may get it! The issues raised are not raised elsewhere and yet they are plainly fundamental" Chris Hill (Bible teacher, speaker, author)

"This is a book which will leave you wanting more! It left me yearning for more — more reality in my own Christian walk and experience, more real life in our church ... could this be the key to the revival we all long for!' David Serle (Bible teacher and author).

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