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SPECIAL DEAL FOR CHRISTMAS/CHANUKAH. 10 books for the price of 5!

"This little book sifts through the 'noise' of political correctness, victim culture, new age spirituality, militant atheism and so on and uncovers where real truth may be found. Suitable for Christians or non-Christians, this book makes sense of the madness that surrounds us"

Noise is an integral but uncomfortable part of our cultural climate. Whether Justin Bieber concerts, inner city traffic, klaxons, bells, sirens, decibels, MTV, YouTube rants, twitterstorms, marches, demonstrations, advertisements, billboards, slogans, messages and marketing blurb, pumped at us through every media channel opened up by our technologists, wherever there are eyes to see and ears to hear! Noise is everywhere, invading all of our five senses, not just our eardrums.

This incisive, surprising and entertaining book cuts through to the heart of the issue. Is there meaning in the mayhem? Is there sense in the swamp? Or is it just meaningless … noise?

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