Jesus, Man of Many Names


by Steve Maltz

Publisher: Saffron Planet (originally Authentic Media). 206pp

STEVE MALTZ is a writer, tour guide, web consultant and is the founder of Saffron Planet, the award-winning Christian web radio initiative and Saltshakers, the web community. He is married with three sons and two freeloading cats and lives in East London.


Are you prepared for a new book about Jesus that does offer fresh insights without boasting new revelations? Drawing on sources from the Jewish world, ancient and modern, the author will take you on an exhilarating, lively and entertaining exploration of the life and times of the Jewish Messiah.

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This book has already changed the lives of Christians of all backgrounds and denominations by providing a surprising, refreshing and fresh view of Jesus the Messiah. It is distinctive in that it has been written from a Hebraic viewpoint, with insights that are often missing from other books written on the subject.


This is excellent - well-written and well researched. Most importantly, Maltz presents the subject from a Jewish-roots perspective, vital to the proper understanding of Jesus. Another feature is highlighting the scourge of anti-Semitism, which has damaged Jewish-Christian relations over the centuries. The study of some of the key names attributed to Jesus is very revealing and enhances our understanding of his person from both the divine/eternal and human perspectives. Mervyn Tilley, Direction, Aug 2008

The book is incredibly well written with some great teaching. Of course like anything else this should be weighed against the Bible, but I find a well argued understanding of who Jesus was and, for me, it confirmed the fulfillment of the disputed passages that the Jews hold refer to a Messiah that they still await! This is an excellent book of Christian teaching. If you think you know all there is to know about Jesus and his earthly ministry I am sure that this skimming of the surface of Hebrew teaching will make you realise you don't know it all - there is a lot more out there to learn! (RATINGS: Biblical content 10/10, Good teaching 10/10, Intreresting 10/10) Rob Allwright, Soteria magazine

The book is a real eye-opener. I really do believe I have been privileged to review an important book - an extraordinary tour de force. Unquestionably this book will make a massive contribution to current thinking about Jesus at a time when both His humanity and divinity are being questioned. Chris Hill, author, broadcaster and international Bible teacher.

Congratulations on a great book ... it is undoubtedly inspired by the Holy Spirit and written for such a time as this. Your explanation of Daniel is explosive, revealing the message hidden in all that coded language which for so long has cloaked many minds regarding the timing of future events, in particular the coming of the Messiah. Julia Fisher, author and broadcaster

In the beginning was the…' - finish this well-known phrase or saying without using the first verse of John's Gospel, using neither English nor New Testament Greek and by reference only to an Aramaic translation of the Hebrew Bible. Can't be done? This 'voyage around Our Father' - and His Son - will open your eyes in the best tradition of travel and exploration. Steve Maltz has a gift for combining pacy writing with crystal clear distillation of his own careful study of scholarly resources, and a firm grip on the Gospel. The result is a fascinating new landscape of insight - it's not so much Jewish roots of the Christian faith as 'Jewish knowledge' of the Gospel. The Bible-believing reader need not fear any distraction from the Word of God, only reinforcement in some unexpected places. Enjoy! David Andrew, editor Sword magazine (was Prophecy Today)

Jesus, The Man of Many Names is in one sense unique. Steve Maltz has been able to bridge the gap between the scholar and the ordinary Christian, and turn scholarship into a life-giving encounter with a living person. Over many years I have read and studied the subject of the Jewishness of Jesus, as well as lecturing and writing about the subject. Reading The Man of Many Names has been an inspiring experience, making the Jesus of the first century and the New Testament vibrant and real in a fresh way. Many Christians unfortunately have a vague and sometimes sentimental notion of' 'Christ' and 'Jesus', and also completely misunderstand the background to the Jewish rejection of Jesus as Messiah. This book changes all that, and the more widely it is read the better. I strongly recommend it. Derek White (Founder, Christian Friends of Israel UK)

I was and am most interested in your style and approach. As a writer you are most readable - humourous, leading the reader on, putting things in a contemporary and user-friendly way, and with a sense of infectious joy in your discoveries. Richard Harvey, Tutor in Hebrew Bible, Hebrew language and Jewish Studies, All Nations Christian College

Steve writes in a lively, accessible way, that draws in and fascinates his readers. Anyone with a yen to explore the mysteries of the Scriptures and meet the totally Jewish Messiah of whom they speak will love this book. Michele Guinness, author

I enjoyed reading this and found your style of writing to be exciting and creative with a clear pastoral and evangelistic warmth. You share with the reader many key Biblical insights into the person and work of Jesus which leads to much refreshed thinking- I hope the book does well and I will certainly be recommending it within the context of some CMJ gatherings Rev. Alex Jacob M.A Director of Advocacy – Church’s Ministry Among Jewish People

I'm really enjoying it. I just love the way you make what can be quite complicated theology both accessible and fun. There is some stuff which I already know but it's presented in a way which makes it enjoyable and really good revision. Kit Eglinton, web consultant and counsellor

Written at great cost. So many veils are lifted in this book Norma Gregory MBE


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