Into the Lion's Den

In this ground-breaking book Steve explores the unseen force that is behind the current explosion in the areas of political correctness, 'victim groups', the 'nanny state', 'naming and blaming' and issues of gender, race and religion. It goes by the name of Cultural Marxism.

Into the Lion's Den -  Reaching a world gone mad

by Steve Maltz

ISBN 9780993191077  231 pages
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Today Christians must wake up to what is probably the greatest current threat to our witness to the World.

It is the unseen force that is behind the current explosion in the areas of political correctness, 'victim groups', the 'nanny state', 'naming and blaming' and issues of gender, race and religion.It has also made inroads into the Western Church and it goes by the name of Cultural Marxism. In this ground-breaking book the author will answer the following questions:

What is it? Where does it come from? What are the spiritual implications? What does the Bible say about it? How can Christians engage with it?

Should there be new strategies for Christians in the 21st Century? Do we need to rethink the way that we engage with the World? Perhaps this is a much needed wake-up call for us to get our act together and fulfil the Great Commission in the barren spiritual climate of the Western World?


"'Into the Lion’s Den' concerns the interaction of Church and State, and Believer and non-Believer, in today’s decidedly post-Christian culture... Maltz delves... into the very heart of the matter, as he reveals to us, and then explores, the undoubted triumph of Cultural Marxism. If you have not heard of Cultural Marxism, then this is the book for you.

“Into the Lion’s Den”, as its title suggests, is equipping us to survive in a hostile place and providing strategies so to do.  Highly recommended, Five-Star ranking."
Peter Sammons (Writer and Publisher) March 2018

"The title alludes to Daniel being tested in the lion's den. Christians today face a different den, but an equal threat: Western culture is our lion's den...

...In this eye-opening book, Maltz examines satan’s chosen method in the West – the unseen force behind the current explosion of political correctness, identity politics and blame culture – which goes by the name of Cultural Marxism.

...Maltz has done some detailed research on the origins of our current social scene and its threat to Christian witness, presenting it in his usual readable style. He also provides a full and clear response to the threat of Cultural Marxism, drawing largely on his previous writings (Hebraic Church, Livin’ the Life) which in retrospect can be seen as preparatory to this book"

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Eye Opener Indeed

I haven't thought carefully about this review. it is spontaneous. I finished the book about an hour ago and scribbled this out.

On a scale of 1 to 10 where Steve's intellect and knowledge is 10, mine is probably no more than 3, so the first 30 pages of this book are on a plane that I rarely if ever reach, but something or somebody would not let me put this book down and so I managed to somehow navigate the early choppy waters and i finally broke through to catch a wind that blew me through the rest of the book, completing 238 nautical miles in less than 2 days.

Part 1 (to page 90) describes the problem and part 2 (91ff)suggests a Christian's response. I didn't understand the problem before I read the book but I could certainly see and feel its undesirable consequences. At that stage my own solution to it was therefore unhelpful and my attempts at evangelism unfruitful. But now I do understand the problem and its roots and I can see which way i need to go and that is so encouraging.

Who would have thought that a book which starts by painting a depressing picture of the state of our world could end up by emphatically reminding us that Jesus has the victory and that in His name we are victors too.

Thank you Steve for first of all stretching my mind and my understanding and secondly presenting me with a solution which (a) unravels the subtly twisted pathways of cultural marxism and (b) makes a straight way to the heart of God.

Tim Moulding | | May 2021

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