Hebrew Scriptures

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  • God's Blueprint

    God's Blueprint

    The Hebrew Scriptures, the Old Testament, has had a bit of a battering of late. Is it just the prelude to the New Testament? Has it served its purpose, now that we have a “better covenant”? Or do we ignore it at our peril?
  • God's Signature

    God's Signature

    Have you ever wondered how the Old Testament came to be written, why God chose Hebrew as the language of the Book and what exactly could we be missing through not reading the Hebrew Scriptures in their original language?
  • God's Tapestry

    God's Tapestry

    Steve shines a bright light into areas of Church activity that are currently riddled by confusion and muddled thinking and offers an insight into a more Hebraic understanding of God’s Word
  • The Sinner's Charter

    The Sinner's Charter

    In a World gone mad and with a Church far from unified, how exactly should we be living our lives? God provided the framework many centuries ago at Mount Sinai. We call these basic instructions the Ten Commandments but what relevance do they have now?