Hebraic Mindset

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  • Hebraic Church

    Hebraic Church

    Hebraic Church? Now there’s a phrase designed to upset or confuse just about everyone. Yet being Hebraic is not what many in the Church imagines it to be. In fact it could be nothing less than the key for true restoration and revival.
  • How the Church Lost the Way

    How the Church Lost the Way

    Tackling the ‘uncomfortable truth’ for the Church, this book packs a heavyweight punch in a lightweight package. With great clarity and style the author explains how the Church has been strangled by its past and how the faith in Jesus Christ was infiltrated by pagan ideas from Greek philosophy that have remained to this day.
  • Livin' the Life

    Livin' the Life

    It is surely not too late for Christians to re-evaluate everything we think and do in the name of our Jewish Messiah. This book shows us that there can be another way to live THE LIFE … for those with an open mind and a teachable spirit.
  • Shalom


    The book looks at three ways we achieve 'completeness', through becoming believers in Jesus, through finding our function within the Body of Messiah and through participating in 'One New Man'.
  • The Bishop's New Clothes

    The Bishop's New Clothes

    Is the Church as it should be or has it sold out to the World? Is the Body of Christ doing all it could as God’s ambassadors or is there room for not so much an improvement as a complete overhaul? This book pulls no punches, but it does so engagingly, with wit and warmth.
  • To Life!

    To Life!

    This book has been written for everyone in the Church who is willing to admit that there are some things that are not quite right and that the answers may be in a true exploration of the Hebraic roots of our Christian faith.
  • The Jesus Mindset (Booklet)

    The Jesus Mindset (Booklet)

    This booklet is an introduction to the book trilogy - 'How the Church Lost the Way', 'How the Church the Truth' , 'To Life!' and to the Greek and Hebraic mindsets.