God's Signature

Have you ever wondered how the Old Testament came to be written, why God chose Hebrew as the language of the Book and what exactly could we be missing through not reading the Hebrew Scriptures in their original language?

God's Signature - The wonders of the Hebrew scriptures

by Steve Maltz

ISBN: 9780956229687  192pages
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Have you ever wondered how the Old Testament came to be written, why God chose Hebrew as the language of the Book and what exactly could we be missing through not reading the Hebrew Scriptures in their original language? The answers to all three questions will amaze you – guaranteed!
This book traces the history of God’s Word to mankind, from Moses, to Ezra and beyond. The Hebrew language is introduced to you painlessly as you begin to understand why God chose it for His communication to us. Then, armed with new knowledge, you will be taken through an amazing set of Hebraic Bible studies, revealing more about ourselves, our Messiah and much more. You will learn:

• How Moses wrote his Five Books
• How the Hebrew language speaks to us
• What is God’s real Name
• Which Bibles are truly inspired
• What did the Jewish scribes ever do for us
• What separates man from the animals
• Where Jesus hid in the Old Testament
• Which Hebrew letter spoke of the virgin birth
• Which method of Bible interpretation you never hear about
• How to say the Aaronic blessing properly

"In this fascinating book, Steve Maltz argues that that God chose to reveal himself through Hebrew because every letter of the aleph-bet (that’s not ‘alphabet’ misspelled, by the way) has a visual significance ... More detailed treatments of the wonders and mysteries of the Hebrew language are available but for those who want a readable introduction to the matter or for those who simply want to dip their toes into the subject God’s Signature is definitely the book to start with. You’ll find it very difficult to put down."
Mike Moore (Director of Christian Witness to Israel)

"Steve Maltz achieves the almost impossible in this book: making the study of the Hebrew language lively, interesting and understandable. The book has two aims: first to explain how the Old Testament came to be written and second to introduce the complete novice to the Hebrew language. As he traces the story of the writing and preservation of the Hebrew Scriptures we see God's hand at work. We marvel at the extremes that the Jewish scribes went to ensure that no errors crept in to their copies. The author gives us an insight into the richness and depth of the Hebrew language with dozens of mini word studies throughout the book. He highlights many fascinating facts on key passages. As an added bonus there are thoughtful reviews of several popular English translations covering not only the quality of the translation but also the original text on which they are based. Steve Maltz writes in an engaging lively style that makes you want to turn the page. He has a high view of scripture believing that it is 100% inspired right down to the smallest jot and tittle. He provides ample evidence why every jot and tittle matters. Some may find his style a little jokey at times but do not let this put you off. This will help the layman understand more fully the wonders of the Hebrew Scriptures. Highly recommended."
Alan Hill (The Goodbookstall)

"A paperback book of just 169 pages, this is an excellent introduction to its theme. But this is no dry, dusty text book about an ancient language. Maltz proceeds at a pace that complete novices can cope with, peppered with his trademark gentle humour ... God’s Signature is likely to become something of a Christian classic of the next two decades, meeting a growing interest ‘Hebraic Roots’ ... Hopefully Maltz’s book will encourage individual Christians towards further and deeper explorations of God’s special language, although I emphasize this is a stand-alone book which neatly encompasses its chosen topic. I have reviewed many books, some business books and several ‘Christian’ titles. There’s a temptation for all reviewers to ‘find fault’ in their review, either to prove that they were ‘on the ball’ or even to demonstrate that they are in some way more clever than the author they are reviewing! But I really find nothing to criticize in this book. It is excellent from start to finish. I give it a 5-star rating. Buy it – I guarantee you will enjoy it, and be blessed though it!"

Peter Sammons (Writer and Publisher)

"I have learnt so much from this book!I shall never be a Hebrew scholar, I cannot even remember all I have read in this book; but because Steve Maltz writes so clearly, I did understand what he was teaching as I read through, and keeping the book will enable me to look back and refer to it in the future. What I have retained is his message that God chose the Hebrew language for His Word, for a reason. Its development from a picture language and its variety of meaning, suits God’s purpose. The Hebrew scribes through the ages who have copied these God given words with meticulous care have passed down to us an incredibly accurate text – as proved by more recent discoveries of ancient scrolls. Steve tells us about these different scribes and how they worked. How translators distorted and still distort the Word by not fully understanding the Hebrew original and the Hebrew mindset. This Hebrew mindset gives rise to this gem of a sentence on pg 113 which jumped out at me ‘To question God’s Word is to engage with it, caress it, to love it, to treat it as a living being, not a dead remnant from ancient history’ A very special book for anyone interested in learning more about our Bible, both Old and New Testament."

Mary Bartholomew, The Good BookStall

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