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  • Awake


    An encouragement for us to break out of the confusion that surrounds us all
  • Hope


    A new evangelistic book written to stir the heart of the average citizen of today’s world by challenging them to think beyond the here and now. It pulls no punches as it provides a creeping crescendo of revelation regarding man and his relationship with God and how the Church has mostly failed in its mission to mirror the image of Jesus.
  • Noise


    "This little book sifts through the 'noise' of political correctness, victim culture, new age spirituality, militant atheism and so on and uncovers where real truth may be found. Suitable for Christians or non-Christians, this book makes sense of the madness that surrounds us"
  • The (Other) F- Word

    The (Other) F- Word

    A presentation of the Gospel for the modern world. It is direct, uncompromising, engaging and is written to be relevant to the everyday person.
  • The Truth is Out There

    The Truth is Out There

    Is history just a random sequence of events, or are there secret manipulations? What makes us tick? How did the World as we see it come to be? An absence of Christian jargon makes this an attractive gift to someone currently indifferent or hostile to the Christian message.