Bread - The food of life

By Steve Maltz

ISBN 978-0-9931910-2-2

Bread is the most basic, talked-about and significant food in the history of mankind. We take it for granted, perhaps because it’s always there, always has been for those of us living in the comfortable developed world.
This small book explores the world of bread. From its origins and history, we look at how it has been made and see it as a metaphor of how our world has gained a degree of complexity, yet has failed in feeding everyone. We also ponder the situation of being puffed up and wonder how the human situation could be improved if more of us just … used our loaf?
This small book is part of the “Life series”. Look out for other titles including Blood, Water, Fire, Air and Earth.
Steve Maltz is the author of  30 books, covering history, theology, science, philosophy and popular culture. He lives in East London and is married to Monica, with three sons, a grandson and two pesky cats.

Content rating: 3 fishes (clear Christian content)


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