By Steve Maltz

ISBN 978-0-9562296-7-0

When it comes to connections, nothing does it better than … blood. Silently and unseen it relentlessly performs its tasks within our body. But it doesn’t stop there, blood is identified with other functions that stretch into community, heritage and even further into very surprising places.


This small book explores these places and will take you on a fascinating journey from blood groups to blood-lines, by way of DNA, curses, clots, circumcision and the circulatory system and the various ways that blood can be lost, from murder and vampires and the world of leeches to the blood sacrifice. Bringing it all together though, on so many levels, is the connective power of blood, the River of Life.


This small book is part of the “Life series”. Look out for other titles including Water, Bread, Fire, Air and Earth.


Steve Maltz is the author of 14 books, covering history, theology, science, philosophy and popular culture. He lives in East London and is married to Monica, with three sons, a grandson and two pesky cats.

CONTENT RATING: 2 fishes (medium Christian content)

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