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  • The (Other) F- Word

    The (Other) F- Word

    A presentation of the Gospel for the modern world. It is direct, uncompromising, engaging and is written to be relevant to the everyday person.
  • Water


    This small book takes you on a fascinating journey into the world of water. From a brief analysis of its structure and unique properties, we look at its function in our bodies and then wonder how it gets to us, through natural means and human ingenuity.
  • Blood


    This small book explores these places and will take you on a fascinating journey from blood groups to blood-lines, by way of DNA, curses, clots, circumcision and the circulatory system and the various ways that blood can be lost, from murder and vampires and the world of leeches to the blood sacrifice.
  • Bread


    This small book explores the world of bread. From its origins and history, we look at how it has been made and see it as a metaphor of how our world has gained a degree of complexity, yet has failed in feeding everyone.
  • Discover God package

    Discover God package

    This package of 5  books is for those who would like warts 'n' all introduction to following Jesus. Perfect gifts for Christmas or Chanukah.