About Us

Yes, it's an unusual name, but it's just a name, no significance, no hidden relevance. Our first ministry was to provide engaging and entertaining web chats, at Saffron Planet, for which we have won two awards. This newer ministry is our publishing company, currently offering books just from a single author, me, Steve Maltz.

I specialise in books that don't just tickle the mind but stir the heart and provoke action. I am first and foremost a writer. Not being a trained theologian, scientist, philosopher or historian, I am able to interpret the works of cleverer people than myself and present an informative and entertaining narrative for the ordinary person, such as you and I. That is my gift and I thank God for bringing it all together and blessing me with it.

My books cover a wide range of subjects and I see it my mission to dive into the murky depths of academic debate, doctrinal division, confusion and hot-air and tease out the central issues. Running through all my narratives lies a single theme - whether I am writing about the Church, Israel, the Jews, Jesus, God or the Bible - and that is God's unchanging plan for mankind and our need to 'get with the programme'.

It is a fascinating and enjoyable journey of discovery for me as a writer. Many of you have told me that it is for you too. That's so encouraging and I pray that everyone who reads my books are blessed immensely.

Be blessed,