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Latest Books

  • Icebreaker


    How can Christians reach the world when our culture has us by the throat with the collective madness of victim mentality, the stretching of truth to fit dubious agendas and the fear of being cancelled through “unacceptable” speech?
  • Awake


    An encouragement for us to break out of the confusion that surrounds us all
  • Flockdown Church

    Flockdown Church

    Challenging thoughts about the COVID-19 lockdown and its impact on the Church.
  • Flockdown


    New possibilities for the Church in response to the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • My Son, the Christian?!

    My Son, the Christian?!

    This is the story of how Jesus made himself known to a small, insignificant Jewish family living in London.
  • The Sinner's Charter

    The Sinner's Charter

    In a World gone mad and with a Church far from unified, how exactly should we be living our lives? God provided the framework many centuries ago at Mount Sinai. We call these basic instructions the Ten Commandments but what relevance do they have now?
  • Butterflies over Whitehall

    Butterflies over Whitehall

    A spellbinding and darkly humorous thriller set in a dystopian future that is closer than we think.
  • Jesus: Life and Times. A clash of kingdoms...and the triumph of mercy.

    Jesus: Life and Times. A clash of kingdoms...and the triumph of mercy.

    Published 5 May 2022. Price, £14.99 plus P&P.Order your copy now.

    A reworking of the classic book by Alfred Edersheim, The LIfe and Times of Jesus  The Messiah (1883). Edersheim was a converted Jew and a Biblical scholar who wrote his book in 1883. However, for modern readers, it is a pretty dense, difficult and long read.. Steve has rewritten the book for 21st-century readers by modernising the text and substantially reducing its length to a single volume